Holiday tours

I love travelling so much .Beautiful natural places,mountains ,streams etc really heavenly feeling.Here I have to share nice pictures of some places with you.


Last time in summer vacation I was lucky enough to got a chance to visit Pokhra ,Nepal.

Its just an amazing place with lake,mountain view,caves ,temples etc.

Fewa Lake

That was the time of Sun set and just the experience of seeing setting sun along with boating marvellous. Western sky was just like colorful canvas filled with different colors just beautiful.

Gupteswar Mahadev Cave

Really its an amazing experience visiting Gupteswar Mahadev cave.You have to enter a natural cave with drops of water falling on you and muddy ground through rocks.You have to walk 40 m and u can see the holly Shiva linga.

The nice view of stream inside cave is amazing.

Entrance of Gupteswar cave

Stream inside cave

Way to deity through cave

Devels Fall

Cross the road from Gupteswar cave there ie Devil’s fall.Nice view and garden with the lical market i side premises.